Stonehenge- Glastonbury, EN
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The Abbey

  The oldest Abbey in England.  We found this sign about King Arthur that was interesting. We stayed at the abbey for the week of Master Reiki Classes.

Chalice Wells

A beautiful, serene garden, Chalice Wells with it’s healing springs was a wonderful place to meditate or pray.  Stonehenge/Glastonbury


We took our Master Reiki (energy healing) class in Glastonbury and then were attuned in the middle of Stonehenge.  Stonehenge is rated a 4 vortex on the top 10 in the world. Normally you can’t enter Stonehenge and are not allowed to go near the Stones but for the ceremony we were allowed in the center of Stonehenge.  The smaller blue stones held the most energy.  It was a unique experience to be able to interact with the energy of Stonehenge.  We took many different crystals there to be charged with the energy of the vortex.  It was a beautiful and powerful end to a week long Master Reiki class.
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