Sedona Each Vortex was a fun hike away
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Oak Creek Canyon

  After a long hike we paused at Oak Creek to dip our feet into the clear, cool water-simply wonderful.

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon was a beautiful hike with a vortex between Warrior Rock and Kachina Mama Rock.  Gail experienced her best meditation here.  We could here Indian chanting from Enchanted Resort and a flute was playing softly nearby.  What a fantastic experience.  Sedona Gallery

Shaman’s Cave

What a wonderful experience!  I experienced the best meditation at this location then any where else in Sedona.  I checked on the international vortex website and they had this location rated as high as Stonehenge for the power of the vortex located here. If you visit, please respect the cave and the spirits.  Cleanse yourself with sage or prayer before entering the cave and you will have a much better experience then if you don’t.  We left some water in a dip in the floor of the cave as a gift to the little salamanders that were playing while we were there.  The walk to the cave is a bit risky at one point with a 80 foot drop and a very narrow slanted rock ledge to walk on, but when you come around the corner of the cliff you can see the cave and it is beautiful.  Enjoy!
The Voice of Love